10 Thrusting Spinning Suction Cup Male Masturbator Cup

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The rich particles and tongue inside, licking and grooming your dick frantically, stimulating every sensitive spot on your penis. The entrance lip design warmly invites you to experience. Fully automatic function, you can enjoy your solo or invite your partner to play together. The powerful motor provides 10 different thrust rotation rhythms and 10 different speeds. Adds a whole new dimension to masturbation. The right friction will increase your pleasure. With it, your night is no longer alone. The sturdy suction cup can be attached to any smooth surface, such as walls, mirrors, and the adjustable angle of 165 degrees helps you find your favorite posture. Hexagonal texture is non-slip and easy to hold to prevent falling.

To activate, please long press the power button for 3 seconds. And It is not available when it is charging.

Material: ABS+Silicone

Size: 11.8″ in total length

Size of inner sleeve: 3.8 x 1.7″

Package included:
1 x Masturbation Cup
1 x Suction Cup
1 x Charging Cable






63 reviews for 10 Thrusting Spinning Suction Cup Male Masturbator Cup

  1. Ramones 123

    Knees Were Shaking

    If you are looking for something that can do the work for you-hands free, then this is a MUST. The twisting and pumping power are out of this world. It will leave your knees shaking.Item arrived the next day and was in discreet packaging. After I opened the product I noticed how big this is. This isn’t something you can stuff in a bathroom drawer, more like the underwear drawer. The product felt nice and solid. I pushed and held the power button and …Wow.. it moved up and down, and even twisted. I explored the different options and was impressed. Can twist one way then start twisting the other way, definitely had me excited for sure. I noticed that there was one sleeve and others are saying they received two (I’m satisfied with this sleeve). The sleeve felt soft and will be perfect with some lube. I ended up accidentally dropping this thing on tile floor and it still functioned perfectly. So it passed on the durability test! It is easy to clean and assemble. There is a wand tool to also help you reinsert the sleeve easily. Overall it’s a MUST to have in my opinion. It definitely gets the job done and some. Just remember to use plenty of lube. 5 STARS!

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Wow, what a masturbator!

    So I was skeptical when I bought this, but wow, what a masturbator for the cost. I couldn’t wait to try the product out the minute I got it. It was one of the best stimulated orgasms from a masturbator I’ve ever had. If you’re looking for a masturbator to get the job done while feeling absolutely amazing (with plenty of lube of course) then this is the one.The only downside is the masturbator is very large but for me that was a non-issue.

  3. Kevin Chen

    This thing is AMAZING!!!!!!

    This thing is fantastic and very easy to operate. I love the suction cup and stand. Truly hands-free action It’s so much better than having to hold itThe performance was very impressive. It has 10 rotating and 10 thrusting modes to choose for whichever the individual feels most arousing.I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good auto masturbator.

  4. David Bjorge


    As far as automatics go, this is definitely one of the best I’ve found. Most of the time with these products go you either get rotation or thrust, but this one has both. It does its job very well. Only complaint is that its pretty loud, so keep that in mind if you need to keep a low profile.

  5. Cindy Gray

    Simple and easy to Use with GReat Results

    We have really enjoyed adding this toy to our playtime. It is easy to use and pretty simple. We also like that is it super easy to clean.

  6. Ophelia Balzac


    Trash, save your money.

  7. Tommy T

    Motor is one of the best I’ve ever used

    Pros: this machine has one level of speed better than the other and plenty of rotating motions to toss in for fun (pardon the pun). the machine is made very sturdy , not that soft plastic that feels like you could trip and break it. It’s very easy to take apart and put back together. Just be sure to remember how you do everything because the directions are not set up for showing you how. It’s fairly self explaining. Easy buttons to push to change rotation and speed adjustments. The button pad did come off on me the first use but if you take your time you can place it back in the holes and if you don’t care just rap some clear shipping tape around it ….Battery life was long and after 2 hours I was still going but expect about 1 1/2 hours The usb cable makes for easy charging, I just wished you could charge it while using it.. Only takes about 2 hrs to charge fully.Cons: Not many, this thing has a lot to offer and the only negative would be the power / operating buttons pad popped out. Be careful cleaning the Inner Sleeve, it has a plastic top rim which attaches to the silicon sleeve and it’s very hard to snap back inn after cleaning. If you don’t snap it on and turn it clockwise (I think) to lock it down, the sleeve will move around while spinning and you could get injured. Make sure it’s locked down and you should be alright.I know people always say for the Money it was worth it so I’ll leave it at that. I purchased a $375.00 top of the line , highly recommended Kiiro Launch and it just sits in my closet because it’s very one dimensional and boring. This product offers speed hi and lo plus options to change the thrusting up and down into that plus rotation as it’s thrusting. crazy stuff but it works and it’s mind blowing if you never tried it before. Be careful cleaning and try not to apply oil into the sleeve while it’s upside down to prevent the motor from drowning and blowing up from Liquid damage. When you do clean it, you have a cup at the end that comes off then the glass piece also can be taken off which exposes the Sleeve fully inside the tube that holds it in place connected to the motor. then you take the sleeve off by turning the top piece counter clock rise because it clicks in place this way and prevents the spinning motion from allowing the sleeve to move around and in turn leaving you without the full feel of that power you all want out of it. that is the only thing I would fix or design different is that sleeve and how it locks into the pocket piece. Enjoy- hope this helps someone a little.

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  8. Elvin Ehrhardt

    High quality product with great customer support

    The product is everything advertised and more. Well powered and very durable, a quality product with superb customer support from WeDol company. They demonstrate strong effort to assure customer satisfaction for their product!

  9. Ryan K


    I was a little skeptical before purchasing, I didn’t think I could get a motorized toy with great quality for such a cheap price. I was wrong! This toy is fantastic! It seems really well built and has a strong motor. It couldn’t be easier to take a part and clean, the overall design was done really well. The unit is very easy to operate and has 10 differnt modes that change the spinning and pumping action. I couldn’t be more happy with it and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a high quality durable motorized toy!

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  10. Benjamin

    Could not ask for better!!!

    I enjoy everything about it. The suction and the ability to not have to hold it is a positive and great perk. Also I had questions and the customer service was top of the line! Answered everything I needed answered and right away! I highly recommend them and give them a 5/5

  11. Dennis M

    Works good

    Needs more thrusting but loud

  12. Garry Buchanan

    One Nice Novelty

    This unit is actually surprisingly nice to be honest. I didn’t think that I would need this many modes, but you’ll probably end up having a favorite setting. So you may actually end up really appreciating the number of modes it has even if you don’t think you need that many now. There was a concern of the battery being built in in terms of how long this unit would last, thankfully after months of owning it, no issues at all with charging or use. It literally has just as much power as when I got it. I really like the convenient pause button too, it immediately stops the unit and resumes it with a quick push. The inner sleave comes right out for easy cleaning and it has a solid cap to put on when not in use, keeping the unit sealed/clean.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    It works for me

    Being a disabled Vietnam Veteran with severe nerve damage from the war this is about the only thing that works for me and hopefully not a piece of junk from China that lasts a week if you’re lucky. So far so good.

  14. Jim Cave

    Great Customer Service

    Initially this was a good product but failed to charge after 3 moniths. I contacted Customer Service, who responded quickly and were very helpful. Needless to say, I received a new item and I am very satisfied with the service they provided me!5 stars

  15. Taylor Crosby

    Great for small to normal size dicks I guess

    Dick too big. Motor couldn’t overpower the friction. Also the max insertable length is misleading. It’s only the 6+” when it’s at the back of its cycle. Really it’s 4” and change

  16. Ed

    Waste of money. Doesn’t last.

    Used it twice and now it doesn’t work. It won’t charge. Don’t know if it is cord or unit. Emailed customer service. State respond time of 2 days been 10. No response to multiple emails. Save your money.

  17. Ryan

    Best out of several I’ve personally tried so far.

    This product works the best out of a FEW other brands I’ve tried. It is a little loud but don’t let that stop you from getting a great little machine. It’s surprisingly powerful. Overall great product so far. The suction cup attachment works good too.

  18. DP284

    Not for the well endowed

    This isn’t meant to be a macho brag. It’s a potential warning. If you are confident with the size of yourself, this isn’t the product for you. While there were moments when the device felt quite nice, every change of direction pulled and tugged in an uncomfortable and painful way, which my excessive use of lubricant couldn’t fix.I’m not sure what the market is for these right now, and in terms of it’s design and construction it looks professionally put together. However for me at least it was uncomfortably short and narrow. If they were to make a product like this with men like myself in mind I’d snatch it up in a heartbeat, but be careful with it.Also, kinda loud. Necessary evil to have a decent motor though.

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  19. Eddie Alaniz

    Must have male toy

    Awesome toy made me orgasam 3 times battery life good too.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Best toy I’ve tried to date!

    So let me just say that this isn’t my first toy as I’ve tried a lot. This is hands down the best. The power of this motor is unlike any other pleasure toy. It spins and pumps hard or soft and it can take the use unlike some of the cheaper ones I’ve tried. The fit is perfect. I’m average size and this think will pull you in. Hold on because this is one fun ride. It is discreetly packaged and the battery last forever. The toy is so easy to clean. The different speeds are actually different and really vary as do the patterns. It feels like the real thing and as if you are changing positions. There is a super handy pause button you can conveniently use when you want to slow down. This allows you to not have to waste battery by pulling out or turning the toy off. The suction cup actually works and holds . Unlike some of the others this one stays and allows you to put your hands up and enjoy without worry about the toy dropping. You aren’t going to want to leave the house with this bad boy!!! Trust me!!

  21. Ro Man

    Real BEAST: big, powerful! but also LOUD

    Hey Folks!This gadget is good and powerful addition to home collection of sex toys. It would’ve even perfect if not for two factors: noice and waterproofing.Disclaimer: this is NOT paid promotion or review. I test and review gadgets by myself and for fellow kinksters?? and don’t get any compensation.So here is why I totally recommend this masturbator (PRO’s):a) this is big device because suction cup not just rotate/spin back and forth, but also moves up&downb) it has extra attachment (with silicone ‘lips’), that helps to increase effective depth from 4 to 6 inchesc) it is surprisingly very powerful. Need more time to see how good is battery inside of itd) it’s quite easy to clean. Inner sleeve requires some practice with installation after washing.And here is what I didn’t like (CON’s):a) because it is big and to provide hands-free experience it comes with suction cup. But mine was faulty, and I couldn’t attach it to any surfaces. And seems device might be TOO HEAVY for suction cup that includedb) it comes with special charging cable USB-to-DC connector, not universal miniUSB or USB-C. I always check that, bc if you like to have your toys with you on travel, that means extra cable and messc) finally – this beast are quite noisy. I found that distracting. Needs improvement.

  22. Satisfied Customer

    Mind blowing

    I was very impressed with the power, suction and overall feel of this toy! Plus it looks cool! I usually take a while to finish, but with this it was almost instant! And the more lube you use, the better it feels! It was money well spent, every guy should own one of these!

  23. Pineapple Prince

    AMAZING Product, great price!

    Great product! It does exactly what it says, and the motors are very strong. The suction cup is truly an amazing addition; after using it I find it unthinkable toys are sold without it. Whether you use the suction cup or not, the controls are easy to access and simple to use. You can choose from a variety of speeds, and a plethora of modes. No matter what, this toy will make you explode faster than you thought was possible. For the money, you cannot beat the orgasm. In fact, this is the only male toy I have bought that is worth the money at all! This toy beats $150+ dollar toys you buy at your local store.

  24. Cal

    Amazing customer service

    I’ve had it almost a year and still works and holds a charge just as well as new and it has been used a lot actually so much that the internet has got worn out witch was a bummer until I reached out to the company there customer service is top notch responded quickly and took care of the problem without hassle thank you Kiya for your assistance

  25. Holly Johnson

    Not a good buy

    Only 3 speeds and they were basically the same. Size was off

  26. C.0.

    Don’t let the ratings fool you

    This one is very durable, versatile, and strong.Built to last.

  27. G

    Stopped working

    This product stopped working correctly after just a few months and not too many uses. It only has one function now, which is the continuous spinning and none of the other features or buttons are working, the pause does not work either. I would like to return this one and get a replacement.

  28. Robot Kitten


    Wow! My boyfriend absolutely loved it! We’ve been looking for a fun new toy for him and this is definitely a winner. The different settings make it really interesting and the suction cup is amazing so he can use it ANYWHERE ? It’s super easy to clean and put back together. It charges fast and battery life is really good.It’s fantastic and I highly recommend giving it a try!

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  29. Eric Mitchell

    I love it

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     I was a bit nervous about purchasing this product. I tried similar products at this price point that flat out didn’t work but was pleasantly surprised. The masturbator is made of high quality material and is really easy to use. I particularly loved the different spin settings and how easy it is to clean. I’ve used it everyday since I purchased it without issue. The battery life is also pretty good. If you’re looking for a cheap buy great toy this is it.

  30. CB

    Hard to clean but I’ve never had a better orgasam .

    Pros: I have tried several devices and this one has provided me with the best, longest eye crossing orgasms I have ever had. It has a very strong, durable seeming motor and a battery life that lasted for 2-4 hours over the course of several days. For all of its flaws this is so much better than anything else I have tried and is worth the drawbacks.Cons: First it came in a brown card board box, that made me worry it was a refurbish, and it didn’t have the attachment in the pictures or reviews for it. Also the sleeve is different than the one in the directions, which caused me to spend forever trying to figure out how to clean it. Its messy, and the sleeve is a pain in the ass to remove and replace, but the motor is very durable and strong. Also the battery takes forever to charge but that is offset by the longer lasting battery, and if you charge it every other night it never dies while using it. The inner parts are partially open too so take care using and cleaning as it seems like it would not be hard to get fluids inside it.Despite the numerous cons, this is such a great device I still would buy it again without hesitation.

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  31. Clay B.

    Very intense

    This toy is very intense. If you want something different from the usual this is it. I found the fit for me to be just a little snug but I like em to be like that. It has different rotation patterns so you can find the one you like the best. I wish there was a setting to make it spin a bit slower but overall it’s a good toy

  32. Amazon Customer

    So glad I bought this

    My wife and I have severe back problems and arthritis. It’s hard to find a day when we we are both up to it. Some times oral works and sometimes manual works but manual is tiring. Enter the Wedol Automatic Male Masturbator Cup. All I can say is WOW. This thing brings pleasure like you wouldn’t believe. With 10 modes and multiple speeds, there is always something new to try. It also has a pause button if you need to slow down to match your partner or if you don’t want it to end yet.One requirement is plenty of lube. I went a little stingy the first use and I started to feel the heat and had to stop and add more. I would estimate an 8 oz. bottle of Wedol lube will last 50 or more sessions. One thing I was very happy about was the ease of cleaning. Super easy.It does have an attachable suction base but I have only used it once.

  33. Fly$acked

    I recommend trying this one

    This very tight and pleasant toy gets the job done. Plenty of lube makes it feel real. Lay back, on your knees doggy style, or suctioned to shower wall any way is mind blowing!!

  34. Mario Jenkins

    Go for it!

    Today I received my toy from WeDol and like others man was I impressed! Like a kid on Christmas I couldn’t wait to give it a spin( pun intended). Certainly satisfied! Great suction, extremely easy to clean and with the different modes and speeds it’s certainly room for a lot of fun! Thank you!

  35. TheHastyTadpole

    Pretty neat

    While this isn’t really made for those with girth, it’s still pretty neat and does a good job. Make sure you apply plenty of lube.

  36. Jack


    10/10 omlThis masturbator is THE most powerful one I’ve seen, different modes, speeds, and the silicon can be taken out for washing/replacing and it’s SUPER textured.Nut Master 3000

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  37. Daddy Longshaw


    I’d initially written a great review for this product. I just deleted it. This device was great for about 5 uses and thennnnnn it just stopped working properly. I want the company to refund each person that experienced the machine NOT turning on. Then when it did finally turn on, it would NOT turn off until I plugged it back it. NONE of the functions or modes work anymore. This is such a waste! IF i could give this product a negative star I would!!!

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  38. Britt

    Fun adult toy to spice up your private time

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     Pretty great adult toy. My boyfriend loves it. Its easy to use and cleans up nice. Packaging was good. Lots of different settings to play with and you can even use it attached to the wall for hands free fun.

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  39. Qua

    Not my first choice but good buy!

    Unlike most masturbators I was surprised by the spin mode and I have to admit it was a little weird because I thought my dick was going to spin off LOL but the flesh material was amazing and when you add the lube …my mind was blown! One of my favorite parts was the suction installation. You can literally use it with no hands. I put it on the door, in the bathroom, on the headboard ..everywhere.

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  40. Rob

    What a great experience

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     All I can say about this toy is wow what a experience. Make sure you use some lube for this toy and you will love this. I like how it has a suction cup. This is a beast

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  41. Joe


    As a 55 yr old male, I have never reviewed a product until this secret treasure arrived at my door step. Delivery was great, fast and secure. Packaging discreet.Now for the good stuff. Searching year after year for that elusive hands free orgasm. This from a man that has NEVER received satisfaction from oral or hand stimulation, EVER. Until now I have suffered through jars of Vaseline and constantly searching for a better way of reaching the ultimate. The lengths I have gone to, in some cases have been extreme.I received this gem, charged and got myself ready to expect disappointment, and ready to take over when yet another toy failed to do as advertised.This started off to the discovery of the many speeds and combinations of movement and finding the exact position that delivered to my surprise, the ultimate hands free orgasm. The twisting and thrusting motions, along with copious amounts of lubricant were enough to send me over the edge in record time. The torture of having your manhood constantly being stimulated even after orgasm was pure heaven.I highly recommend this to anyone, ever! Battery life is awesome, and you will not find the motors binding up due to lack of power. I am average, just shy of 6”, however I am thicker than most and this fits perfectly for me.The only con I would have would be the desire to have additional sleeves that provided for different sensations, maybe a screw type design giving the feeling of pulling your member in and out. Just a thought.Buy it, enjoy it and thank me for recommending.

  42. Lloyd Rolle II

    A different experience

    This was actually the first toy I bought like this an it was an experience I actually like it I might have to try a different one but it gets the job done cleaning was a breeze using it was easy self explanatory the only thing is it is pretty loud so might wanna use this when ppl or sleep or gone

  43. dan

    WOW, it really works!

    I bought this product out of curiosity, and I am impressed for several reasons:a) good packagingb) good qualityc) easy to assemble/work and then cleanObservations:first and foremost, as others have said, use lots of lubeAlso recommend to mount the suction cup/holder on a tile (or other flat surface),, that way, you can focus ongetting the best button settings. (Maybe you want to try a few buttons and their effects before you get into the action). Standing in the shower against Tile Wall worked best for me.I am amazed how this things works your member and does not feel rough or harsh (again use plenty lub).It provides an awesome experience, totally unexpected from the raw motion of the device.Enjoy!!!

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  44. Jonathan B.

    Feels amazing

    Product is amazing easy to clean. I did have mine malfunction after a few months(Would no longer turn on). But was able to get it replaced at no extra cost easily.

  45. Benjamin C.

    Feels great and is POWERFUL

    Hi guys! I bought this because I was really bored masturbating with my hand and vibrator. I am so impressed with this purchase. It really feels amazing on me and used with water-based lube, glides right over my pleasure areas and covers almost my whole part. There are three speeds. In my opinion they are fast, really fast, and really really fast. I would not consider the lowest speed to be slow, but it is powerful.What I like most about this is that it is so easy to clean with a completely removeable insert and there is a PAUSE button!!! I can just stop the whole thing, especially when I am near the end, just hit the pause button, then hit it again to start it back up. Works very well especially after I’ve just “finished” and am ready to clean. Also, this is my first review ever, but I had to type something because I love it so much. It also looks cool af and I would highly recommend. Highly. Have fun, guys.

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  46. BB


    After reading the review on the product i was pretty excited to get it. I was NOT disappointed. After a few uses the connection to the suction cup broke. All i had to do was reach out and they replaced it instantly. Great customer service for a great product! Highly recommend.

  47. Amazon Customer

    Item comes with a very small cup and sleeve diameter wise and will only fit the smallest penises.

    Well I have to give it a one temporarily because I can’t use it. The cup and sleeve are amazingly small diameter. I’m very average or below average and I cannot fit in there with my penis. Please advise if there is a larger cup and sleeve to go with this device. I’ll have to return it otherwise.

  48. Jmore Brown


    This is my first time trying out a automatic suction device and I’m extremely impressed. Like a fleshlight but better. First the grip is amazing, as a well endowed guy I have ran into the problem of devices being to small or to tight. This device however fits like a glove. Second the automated rhythm that this device will make your toes curl in the best way! Third it’s so easy to clean. There is nothing worst then having to clean a sleeve having to scrub but this device is so easy to clean simply run it under the sink for a few seconds. My Onlyfans & Justforfans followers LOOOOVED the video I post using this device. I would definitely recommend this device for anyone looking for a automatic device or any SW looking to add something in their videos!

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  49. Six

    3rd device I have tried, this one is the best!

    Powerful Motor!The first 2 devices I tried, I got stuck. This one gets the job done!Me and my wife love to use this toy. I have no complaints and I would expect this device to cost well over $100, I think I paid around $59.Most of these toys are made in China so if you are above the average size Asian male, try this one and you wont get stuck.

  50. Anon

    Not Satisfied … Too expensive … Stopped working properly

    After only a few months the unit will only go into 1 vibration mode, and the buttons have fallen off . And if u lose the cap then is useless.

  51. Kindle Customer

    easy, go easy… i can’t stop this thing.

    Extremely tight. It’s almost impossible to get to the end. By the time it sucks you in that far you’re already pressing pause because you’re about to spurt 10 seconds after its just started to grab hold of you and work its relentless way down and back up. It’s still new, but I don’t see how I could hold out on it… ever. Edging challenge issued.

  52. Sean Vaillancourt

    Superior in craftsmanship, but lacking in creativity

    I enjoy the versatility. I don’t like that the cavity is short. Certainly suitable for “smaller” men. I wish it offered more suction. I would have liked More wave-like movements rather than just spinning and reverse spinning

  53. Anon

    Rough but does what it needs to.

    I’ve bought a few auto/powered toys, while the handy is the best by a decent margin with the level of control and variability it gives, this is an easy 2nd. It’s definitely a lot rougher then most other toys and a lower speed setting would be great simply due to the lowest speed setting it currently has would be most other toys’ high speed setting. That said, while it has few modes they offer some variability in patterns and mix stuff up and keep things from getting numb to the same patterns. Toy is top notch for doing the finishing touches, but if you’re sensitive below the belt this might end up being a bit to much for you, unless you’re happy with really short sessions.I’m a bigger guy(almost 8 and fairly girthy) and It’d be great if the toy was a few inches or so wider and longer, it’s definitely a tight fit as is. Clean up is a bit of a hassle, with the amount of lube it requires and the distance between the sleeve and entrance sends that stuff everywhere inside the toy, so instead of just cleaning the sleeve and entrance you’re cleaning pretty much everything aside from the top of the toy.If they make a version for bigger people and hone in on keeping stuff contained during use to make aftercare easier as well as offer a bit more variety in speeds it’d be an easy 6/5. As it is, 4/5 with the pricing being excellent considering other things in this range don’t offer nearly the same level of satisfaction.

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  54. Kevin M.

    Gets the job done.

    Great product for the price, I was sceptical at first, but after first use my doubts were gone. It actually gets the job done everytime. Would recommend this product & an extra sleeve.

  55. Amazon User

    Excellent product!!! 5 stars

    Solid product from a trustworthy seller! This toy adds some variety with the spin + thrust function. No complaints!

  56. Giovanni Aguayo

    Talk about pleasure wow !!!

    I think this is probably my most favorite toy I have ever had!! The fact that you can slow it down and turbo it WOW amazing !!! Take my word for it I guarantee you will have a orgasm from it plenty of times and battery life last pretty good


    Fantastic product!!

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     It’s an amazing product! The packaging was neat and all the pieces was there and they threw in a couple of packets of lube for purchasing this product. 10/10 will buy from them again.

  58. John Samwore

    Well built and wow

    This is the first toy that I’ve had like this, and now I feel like I’ve been missing out for quite some time. I have always been hesitant to buy toys like this because of their price. This one was reasonable however so I took the chance on it.It has several different modes and speeds to choose from. So finding one that works for you is just a few buttons away.The battery life seems to be fairly different. I have never had it run out on me before. I typically charge it once a week with daily, multi-daily use.One word of advice however is do not go stingy on the lubricant as it needs to be able to glide smoothly or you’ll be putting stress on the motor.It is very easy to clean. Everything comes apart so you can wash it and let it dry with no trouble at all.The only complaint I have with it is you can achieve orgasm too fast without even realizing it. I don’t necessarily think this is a negative, I need to just fiddle with the settings to build up to this slower. As it is a lot of stimulation all at once. Great for post orgasm torture.

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    The future is here.

    This thing is awesome. Handheld or hands free use it how you want. I’ve tried similar products before but this one by far has been the best.

  60. Cameron Hatch

    This is what you have been missing your whole life.

    After being out the assisted game for a while, I decided to try out this handy tool. It’s solid, well built and has worked like a charm every single time. But most impressive about this unit is it’s ability to be cleaned. It’s simple to take out the functioning part, rinse, dry and replace. You can’t go wrong with this item. You will not be disappointed.

  61. Sarah

    This product is AMAZING!!

    I ordered this and two days later it arrived. I could not wait to try this product out but I put it on the charger for a few hours first like it says. I used the suction cup on the bathroom counter the first time I tried it. When a did cum I could barely stay standing.. lol. I never took it off the low setting and finished in about 2 minutes. One thing I will say, I am maybe a little above average in size and it was almost too tight for me but still amazing and well worth the purchase. I wish the sleeve was maybe another 1″ or 2″ longer but it almost takes all of me. Honestly I can’t wait to get a chance to go home and use it again!! 🙂 thanks for this great product. Cleaning was fairly easy. Just carefully pull the sleeve out, wash it, let air dry and put back in. Easier then i thought it would be.

  62. E.A.Will

    great little gadget

    This is a great toy. Ive had a few manual versions but this is better.

  63. TX Steve

    Get it!

    I have multiple stroker devices but nothing like this, so I decided to order. My first run went from “Well that’s an interesting feeling” to “OMG this is amazing” within 30 seconds! This thing is like nothing I have ever felt before. And it got me “there” so fast, I had to back off and cool down for a minute. If you can last more than 5 minutes with this thing, you have to have a lot of willpower. The various motion types are amazing. The suctions is great. It just hits all the right notes. Cleaning was the easiest of all devices I’ve owned- seriously, this thing made cleanup super easy. The only negative I can give is that it had a horrible smell straight out of the package. A thorough clean with soap and water got rid of that. So yeah, that is such a minor negative.If you’re considering getting this, get it!

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